Avid Media Composer Support

File-based Insert Edit: Media Composer Support

Controlled using Media Composer’s Digital Cut Tool, Cinedeck is able to frame-accurately insert segments of video, audio or both in an existing flat file. If you’ve done an insert edit to tape with the Digital Cut Tool, completing an insert edit to a file using a Cinedeck will be straight forward, since the procedure is the same and Cinedeck recorders emulate the Sony SRW-5500 VTR.

After setting up the Cinedeck project, you can use Avid’s “Auto-configure” to select the SRW as the connected deck, set the in and out point on the Media Composer timeline as you normally would and start the insert. Media Composer’s Digital Cut tool and Timeline completely control the in and out points as well as audio and video track selection. Digital cut options like “Entire Sequence” and “Mark In” or “Record Deck Time” for deck control are all available..

Once you’ve started an insert, a border around the active Cinedeck channel blinks red to note “preroll”, then turns solid red, indicating the new content from Media Composer is being written over the existing frames between the in and out points selected on your timeline.

Also, you can visually QC your newly inserted frames in real-time by simultaneously playing out the target file on a second Cinedeck channel or another player of your choice. Once the newly inserted content is verified, you’re finished!