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Cinedeck Interactive and Training Request

To enhance your understanding of the Cinedeck product line, Cinedeck offers on-line assisted and self-directed training. This gives you the ability to log into an actual deck running the latest release for a “learn by doing” experience.

ZX is a full rack width two or four-channel recorder. Internally, ZX provides four full duplex 3G channels with the full selection of master and proxy formats and high-bandwidth network capabilities. In HD and SD mode ZX records master and proxy for each channel.In 4K mode on a four channel system, ZX records 4K files, HD master files, HD proxy files and h.264 streamable files, with or without LUT applied. Production ZX
RX3G Cinedeck RX is the two channel solution for productions where space and weight are at a premium.Taking its cue from MX and designed for environments that are on-the-move like OB vans or flight packs, the rugged RX weighs around 12lbs (5.5kg), measures 4RU at a half-rack width and brings virtually all of the Cinedeck features in a small footprint. RX records a full selection of master formats, accompanied by an H.264 proxy.
At four RU tall and full width, MX is fully equipped with touchscreen, jog/shuttle panel and multiple solid-state card readers. MX has four full-duplex HD/SD channels and supports all formats and resolutions from SD to 4K 30P. MX_three_quarte-2_clean_400-72
Cinedeck MCC is a customizable, Windows based multi-channel control application for managing multiple Cinedeck channels across multiple decks from a single interface via TCP-IP. Based on the AMP protocol, Cinedeck MCC allows easy selection, grouping and record triggering of one or more channels. An advanced version provides a full scheduling interface to set specific channels to a particular project and select start/stop conditions by time, day, week, etc..
cineXtools is Cinedeck’s stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application. The core module, cineXinsert, is a groundbreaking NLE companion utility that shaves hours off the time spent making changes by allowing video, audio and closed caption inserts directly into already encoded files.

Visit the cineXtools microsite for more information..

Simply fill out the login form to request time on the product of your choice. You will be contacted with login credentials so you can remote in to the deck from the convenience of your home or office.

For assisted sessions, a Cinedeck expert can be made available to support you in any way you prefer. They can walk you through and train you on the different aspects of the user interface or just be available should you have a question.

Whether you are; already an owner or interested in purchasing Cinedeck products, an operator who’d like to familiarize yourself with the Cinedeck UI, a sales or engineering representative at a integration company, this interactive platform can help you become better informed and more comfortable with Cinedeck operations.

Additionally, if you are an operator, you can set up and save your input and project preferences ahead of time. On the day of the show, load your preferences via USB key and you’re all set with no last minute scramble.