Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Cinedeck is proud of our reputation for making great products.

Cinedeck will continue providing support, including software updates, and replacement parts for equipment for three years after model discontinuation allowing you to keep these products active for many years, thereby enhancing return on investment.

While Cinedeck generally maintains a working inventory of replacement parts for on-going service and preventive maintenance beyond the three-year support window, maintaining this inventory isn’t always possible. In cases where required parts and/or service are no longer available, we can refer you to sales. They will work with you to provide a product migration strategy.

If you have a question about whether a product is discontinued, or to determine if it’s still eligible for service, please contact Cinedeck Support.

Discontinued, but still supported products include Cinedeck EX, Cinedeck RXB, Cinedeck RXC, Cinedeck RX3G and Cinedeck MX.
  • Cinedeck RX3G & MX: will continue to have software updates and hardware support along with Cinedeck ZX series. New features like File-based Insert Edit are available with a valid support contract.
  • Cinedeck EX, RXB, and RXC: will continue to have hardware support.