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Cinedecks allow easy encoding of multiple sources.

Encode Workflow
As tape-based production fades and is replaced by files, simplicity and versatility is getting lost. It may seem like the only choice is a cheap disk recorder, which makes the production to post process even more of a headache or, extremely costly systems that are fabulous for sports but are extreme overkill for basic recording.

Welcome to Cinedeck!

By easily tying into patch panels and routers to access tape decks, NLE systems, telecine systems and camera sources, Cinedecks facilitate quick, simple encoding to a wide range of codec, quality and wrapper choices.

Each channel can be individually set to encode different frame-rates, resolutions and bit-depths and can simultaneously record master and proxy files to redundant locations. The systems can write to local, hot-swappable SSDs, local attached storage as well as your SAN and NAS systems, providing the right file types for every production and post environment, exactly where they are needed. In addition, File and folder naming is unrestricted and XMLs can be generated for each record for robust media asset management.

Cinedecks also support archival codecs and wrappers like mathematically lossless JPEG 2000 wrapped as AS02 or AS11 files, while also supporting high frame-rates and resolutions in UHD and 4K, giving you flexibility for your archiving needs, all in one appliance.

Also available and critical for those who need it, is a multi-channel / multi-deck scheduling application that puts what you need on one or many desktops. (see the next tab)

Remote & Scheduling Application
Cinedeck has a new Windows based remote control application available in two off-the-shelf configurations.

The free multi-channel controller provides manual control of up to eight Cinedeck channels across several decks and can be run from multiple desktops simultaneously. All versions of the application also support user configured channel groups that can be recalled for one touch control of multiple channels simultaneously.

The more advanced control application provides all of the above features, supplemented by event-based project selection and record scheduling, for up to eight Cinedeck channels at a low cost.

Perhaps most important, like the Cinedeck recorders, the remote interface has been expressly designed for customization so get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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