Encode / Media Management / Archive

Cinedecks allow easy encoding of multiple sources.

Encode Workflow
Scheduling Application
Scheduling Interface

By easily tying into tape decks, NLE systems, telecine systems and camera sources, Cinedecks facilitate quick, simple encoding to a wide range of codec, wrapper and quality choices.

Each channel can be individually set to encode different frame-rates, resolutions and bit-depths, and can simultaneously record master and proxy files to redundant locations. File and folder naming is unrestricted and metadata is embedded into each file allowing simple searches for robust media management.

Cinedecks now also support archival codecs and wrappers like JPEG 2000 wrapped as AS02 or AS11 files, while also supporting high frame-rates and resolutions in UHD and 4K, giving you flexibility for your archiving needs, all in one appliance.