OB / Mobile Production

Simplify your mobile video production with Cinedeck recorders.

OB | On-Location Workflow
Simplify your OB / On Location mobile video production workflow with Cinedeck recorders

Outside broadcast productions have traditionally used tape decks but the environments where mobile gear is housed, often puts significant limitations and strain on operators and the gear itself. This is where the physical design and capabilities of Cinedecks really shine.

For example, a four-channel Cinedeck MX or ZX40/45 has a smaller physical footprint and weighs less than a typical tape deck, such as a Sony BVW-75. Yet either Cinedeck platform provides four times the recording power at quality levels that can surpass any tape deck, while being extremely easy to set up and operate.

You can set up all Cinedeck platforms to fit your on-location mobile video production requirements, creating your choice of Master and Proxy files on the most convenient storage destinations – as you make significant savings on weight, space and training.

Keep your clients happy with the fastest turnaround of proxy or H.264 files. With Cinedecks encoding master and proxy files simultaneously and redundantly, as soon as the credits roll, your client can walk away with a set of ready-to-edit files, to start post production right away.

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