Play Out

Cinedecks can be easily utilized for content playout. This is thanks to extreme codec flexibility and versatile file storage choices.

Playout Workflow
For studio roll-in, transmission or general viewing, Cinedeck platforms can access and play files from your preferred storage; SAN, NAS, SSD or other local drives, regardless of the folder structure. Just as important, no changes to system settings are required to support different codecs, simply select a clip and play.

Because Cinedecks recognize and natively support a wide variety of codecs and wrappers, the types used and generated by most edit and finishing systems, you can work with the file types you prefer! You are not forced to export, import or transcode to make your content compatible with some proprietary play-out flavor. Moreover, SD clips can be automatically up-rezed to HD on playback for mixed format production environments. Cinedeck’s built-in playlist manager lets you build simple timelines, containing multiple clips and or sub-clips, eliminating the need for working in a separate edit system to prepare content for play-out. The multi-codec playlist manager includes several list-play behaviors such as playing the entire list and pausing at the first frame of the next clip in the list so it’s ready to play when you are.

When combined with the AMP or VDCP protocols or RS-422 for controlling your Cinedecks, play-out can be dramatically simplified.

Features like File-based Insert Editing and Digital Cuts, controlled from your non-linear editor, help you make your deadline every time by removing the need to re-render and output your entire timeline.

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