Play Out

Cinedecks can be easily utilized for content playout. This is thanks to the extreme codec flexibility and versatile file storage choices available.

Playout Workflow

Cinedeck’s Windows7 platform can access your preferred storage; SAN, NAS or other local storage devices, regardless of the folder structure.

Because Cinedecks recognize a wide variety of formats, you can work with the file types you prefer. With Cinedeck in the play-out workflow, you are not forced to export or transcode in order to make your content compatible with a particular play-out flavor.

When combined with the AMP or VDCP protocols or RS-422, for controlling your Cinedecks remotely, play-out can be dramatically simplified. Additionally, Cinedeck’s built-in playlist manager lets you build simple timelines, containing multiple clips and sub-clips, eliminating the need for working in a separate edit system to prepare content for play-out.

Features like File-based Insert Editing and Digital Cuts, controlled from Avid Media Composer, help you make your deadline every time by removing the need to re-render and output your entire timeline. Additionally, Cinedeck has added a web-based multi-channel controller (Cinedeck MCC App) so you can get more done from any location.