Studio Production

With Cinedeck you can take tape out of the loop completely.

Studio Production Workflow
VTRs have long been the mainstay for recording in traditional production and post. With the transition to file-based workflows, there is a growing need to record directly to files.

The missing link has been a device which provides simple file-based recording in a stand-alone appliance – one that is network-friendly, yet can operate in isolation like a tape deck and with full local control.

Cinedecks are multi-channel, multi-codec, stand-alone recording/ingest appliances. They can be transported and connected just like a tape deck, provide all of the typical features users are accustomed to, while adding significant enhancements. These include: 7” touch display for system management and viewing video with analysis tools; the ability to encode content as files which are native and fully compatible with whatever post-production environment you require; and files that can be written to virtually any storage destination you prefer.