Post Production Workflow Overview

Post Production Workflow
Streamlining post from start to finish

The most basic task after completing an edit is creating a master file from the timeline and
Because they write the file types you need with names you can read to the storage you work with, Cinedecks offer the smoothest pathway from camera to post.

Depending on the requirements, this export and QC process can be seriously painful or merely a time-consuming annoyance. At best, you wait while the NLE exports the file. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually watch the file while it was being created? That is what Cinedeck calls True Confidence Recording – If nothing else, it can save you lots of time! Keep reading…
Our survey shows that after the first export is completed, there is about a 25% chance that the file will pass QC. The problem might be as simple as a misspelled title or a flash frame but without Cinedeck’s post tools, the core being true File-based Insert Edit, it is 100% guaranteed that you will have to re-export the entire show after making the necessary timeline changes.

What do you want to do… Fix your files or pull another All-Nighter?

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  • Create files direct from NLE
  • cineXinsert - Correcting and changing files
  • Virtual Mastering Media
  • Telecine

Create files directly from an NLE

Generate the master files you actually need, directly from your finishing system Back to the Post Production Workflow Overview

cineXinsert – Correcting and changing files

All about cineXinsert - the engine for correcting and changing files, instead of re-exporting     Cinedeck File-Based Insert Editin...

Virtual Mastering Media (VMM)

The File-based analogy to pre-blacked tape - A highly versatile online mastering workflow Back to the Post Production Workflow Overview


All Cinedecks are directly controllable via RS-422 for streamlined telecine, post production and archive operations Back to the Post Production Wor...