Create files directly from an NLE

Generate the master files you actually need, directly from your finishing system

Create new files with any codec
For final delivery and master-file creation, Cinedecks support a wide variety of codecs, wrappers, and resolutions and the deck’s ability to emulate an SRW VTR means that any number of NLEs can directly encode the files you need; ProRes and DNx – no problem, IMX or AVC-Intra – yep. XDCAMHD and H.264 – of course and there are more. The systems support all standard formats; 4K, UHD, 2K, HD and SD, with the ability to wrap files as MOV, MXF Op1A, MXF OpAtom and more so any eventuality is covered. Even better, if your delivery codec, such as AVC-I or ProRes, is supported for insert editing, you can watch your recording, while it’s recording! (See the next tab)

All of this works using standard RS-422 control and SDI out, so whether you use Avid, Flame, Premiere or another system, you can generate files directly from the timeline.

True Confidence Record
True Confidence Recording is not simply ‘old-fashioned’ E-to-E or linear playback from a VTR confidence head. With Cinedeck’s True Confidence Record, you have full random access to the file while it’s recording so you can Play, Jog, Shuttle, Forward-fast and Rewind. If you want to do a technical QC during record, loading up the file on a second Cinedeck channel gives you full access to all of your SDI monitoring and analysis gear and again, you can pause or move around the file all you want. If it’s a QC check that does not require an SDI signal, for example an editorial viewing, you can access the file with any standard media player such as VLC Media Player from and still have full random access.

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