Some of the below accessories are available for purchase through Cinedeck or your local authorized reseller – an “*” denotes which ones these are.

Media / Storage
Cinedeck currently supports all models of Samsung Drives, specifically:


Samsung 840 Pro series (excellent price/capacity)

Samsung 850 Pro series (highest performance, longest warranty)


Samsung EVO (best price/capacity)

Spinning Disk Drives
While Cinedeck cannot guarantee results or recommend one above the other, there are some interesting plus differences worth noting between the products. Using Spinning Disk Drive with Cinedeck Guide


Avastor HDX 1500


CalDigit AVPro , AV Drive or VR2 Drive

SAN / NAS Client
While the list continues to grow, some NAS and SAN solution manufacturers whose products are known to be used with Cinedeck products include:

  • Avid ISIS
  • Drobo
  • Facilis TerraBlock
  • Harmonic Omneon Mediagrid
  • Quantum Stornext
  • SNS Storage Network Solutions


Drive Docks

Each Cinedeck comes with 2 or 4 drive carriers which can hold up to 2 SSDs each

  • RX3G & ZX20: 2 ea
  • MX, ZX40, and ZX45: 4 ea

All docks connect to computers workstatisons via SATA. Additional docks may be purchased for use in “sneaker-net” and other mobile applications, all Cinedecks make use of hot-swappable drive carriers. Each carrier can hold two SSD drives.

The docks are all available with twist lock (shown) or key lock. Contact Cinedeck for additional information.

Drive Carrier
Item #15001*. While each Cinedeck system comes with 2 or 4 drive carriers, additional drive carriers may be purchased15001 Carrier open 800-300dpi
Drive Dock & Carrier
Item #15004*. Drive carrier and internal dock set – Includes the dock plus a drive carrier15002 aspect corrected-b
Drive Dock
Item# 15005*. Internal dock – Designed to fit a standard 3.5” drive bay in a typical PC workstation has two SATA connections and a power connection.15005
Rugged Dock
Item# 15003*. Rugged dock kit – Includes a drive carrier, power supply and two eSATA cables15003 rugged dock 800-300dpi


Rackmount Kits


Option 1*: Rackmount a single RX3G | Option 2*: Rackmount 2 RX3Gs side by side


Comes with Rack Ears and Rack Rails*

ZX series

Standard Rack Rails*. Purchase your own or purchase from Cinedeck.



Cinedecks can be controlled by an array of remote panels connected by USB and RS-422. Additionally, ZX can be optionally equipped with a surface mount version of the MX tactile control panel*.

Third party controllers include:

X-Keys Jog-Shuttle XK-12 controller by PI Engineering (

Shuttle Xpress and ShuttlePro V2 by Contour Designs (

Logitech R800 remote (

via RS-422

DNF ST100 and ST400

Controllers by JLCooper

Controllers by Lance Design


External Touchscreen Monitors

Cinedeck supports external touchscreens for the ZX series. If you would like to use a touchscreen monitor with your ZX, please ensure it supports Windows 7

Below is a short list of Touchscreen Montiors that support Windows7.