File to File Insert Editing Application for OS X and Windows

cineXtools is Cinedeck’s stand-alone, file-to-file insert edit application. The core module, cineXinsert, is a groundbreaking NLE companion utility that shaves hours off the time spent making changes. Simply change a shot, audio stem or replace a frame with a bad pixel in seconds instead of re-exporting the entire show. With additional modules for audio versioning, DPP metadata management and adjusting timecode, you can start saving time and money now, with a tool that will accelerate your post workflow immediately.

Easy to use

Simply open your new material – video, audio, or closed captions in the player, open the target file on the record side and setup and trigger a three-point edit. cineXinsert frame-accurately places the new content into the destination file with no need to re-export the entire program.


Visit the cineXtools microsite for more information.