The ZX is a versatile, modular approach to a production recording and playback server that lets you choose from an unrivaled selection of Cinedeck advanced software tool sets and powerful hardware configurations. Now you can cost-effectively custom-build a workflow workhorse that meets your specific ingest, playback and transcoding needs for 4K, UHDTV-1, 2K, HD and SD.

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4K / UHD Capability

Codecs: Pro Res  (.mov) | DNxHR (.mxf OpAtom)

Framerate: up to 60p 

* note: 4K / 60p recording only available on ZX45 model. 1 channel per deck.

ZX Series: 45/40/20 | Base Model Comparison
Cinedeck ZX is available in three upgradeable base models. Choose the base system that best fits your requirements and budget and then select the workflow best suited to your production and post-production systems.

ZX Models

Workflow | Your choice - OpAtom, Op1a, MOV
ZX comes with your choice of workflow wrapper package.

Choose the MXF OpAtom package if your encoding and editing is primarily in an Avid environment. The Quick Time – MOV package is best if you are primarily working in Final Cut though it can be applicable to a broad combination of post-production needs. If you are working with an Adobe-centric system or require DPP / AS-02 / AS-11 compatible files, consider the MXF Op1A package. Each wrapper workflow packages come with all codecs as listed in the matrix and all systems can create H.264 proxy files. If you need additional wrapper support at a later date, you can always add additional workflow packages.

Wrapper Workflow

The Cinedeck development team is dedicated to resolving your pain-points so feel free to contact us to discuss your workflow requirements, especially if your specific needs do not seem to be directly addressed.

Options | Software and Hardware Add-ons for ZX
Along with extensive standard features, ZX can be customized even further with workflow specific features like Advanced Deck Control, additional codecs and wrappers or an 8-input record mode.

Choose your options now or upgrade later.

ZX Features and Options

ZX Back Panel | Versatile I/O and Connectivity

The ZX is what you would expect from a video recording and playback server appliance. The main back panel differences between the ZX20, ZX40 and the ZX45 (shown) are channel count and the ZX45 has a Display Port output which the others do not have.



Weight & Dims

Weight: 49lbs | 22.23kg

Dims (LxWxH): 21.5″ x 16.9″ x 6.9″, 4RU (Standard) | 42.9cm x 54.6cm x 17.8cm (Metric)