8 Input Mode

Double the record channels on ZX45 with Cinedeck’s 8-Input Mode.

Cinedeck  ZX45 typically has four inputs for HD or SD recording. With a quick mode and firmware change, you can have up to eight independent record channels, effectively cutting your encoding costs in half. Eight-input mode is included as a standard feature on ZX45.

8 Input UI
8 Input UIIn 8 Input mode, each channel can still be set up with different frame rates and encoder settings.

The four upper channels shown are currently in record mode, indicated by the red record border. The four channels below are in standby – ready to record.

The yellow border indicates the window or channel selected for control.

Each channel can be expanded to allow full configuration and management. Also, you can gang some or all channels, to trigger record and stop events simultaneously.

For more information on setting up a channel for record, visit the Input Page and the Master/Proxy Page.