Play List and Clip Manager

Creating playlists and managing clips is easy, even with files not created on Cinedeck.

Cinedeck’s Clip Manager maintains an SQL database of media content. New recordings are automatically added to the database while other files, previously recorded or files generated by other systems, can be added to the database manually so they also are accessible in clip manager.

The playlist editor is a basic non-linear editing interface, designed primarily to create simple compilations of clips and sub-clips for playout. Cinedecks support a wide range of codecs and wrappers which can be mixed in a playlist.

Clip Manager
UI_Playlist_ClipManagerClip manager provides access to clips for playback and file management. The view is filtered left to right. Select a drive at the left, navigate and select folders in the middle and files can be viewed and managed on the right, in a thumbnail view or list view.

The find media menu button located on the bottom left contains several methods for loading content into the media database.

Important to note is the database is not aware of content being managed using applications outside the Cinedeck environment so if, for example, folder content is changed using Windows Explorer, performing a scan will refresh the view to only show content actually available.

Playlist Editor
UI_Playlist-EditorThe buttons at the top left (Beach | preview) indicate the current playlist name and toggle between the editing interface (shown) and a preview / play window.

Not intended to be a replacement for a true non-linear editor, the interface has all the necessary information easily accessible including clip name, timecode, in and out, etc. The editor can display timecode based on clip timecodes or playlist timecode.

Playlist Manager
UI_Playlist-ManagerA playlist is a virtual clip which contains multiple clips and sub-clips. In fact, a playlist is nothing more than an XML file which points to the required content to allow various sequential playback and export functions and the playlist manager simply provides access to opening and managing playlists.

From the Cinedeck Playlist Manager you can also select multiple playlists to be played back.