Advanced Deck Control

Discard expensive tape stock and tape decks with Cinedeck’s Advanced Deck Control.

Cinedeck’s ability to emulate an SRW VTR means all the work previously done on tape can be completely file-based, from start to finish. For instance, Avid Media Composer can control a Cinedeck for Digital Cuts. Going a step further, Cinedeck’s Insert Edit allows the replacement of video and audio in a closed file, as you would insert into a tape. Changes are easy and your deliverables remain strictly file-based – no lay-offs to tape just to re-encode back to files.
Every Cinedeck channel emulates one VTR, each potentially with unique master and proxy format, frame rate and codec settings so a 4-channel Cinedeck replaces four or more tape decks! And, each channel can be controlled independently using a variety of protocols; RS-422, AMP, VDCP. Remote communication can also be setup to allow control by Clipster or even a Spirit Telecine Controller. For more information: Control Options |Encode / Media Management / Archive.


Quad Input Deck Control
UI_DeckControl_Quad_Multi-modeEvery Cinedeck channel can be connected to a different device and each channel can be set up in either master or slave mode.

In this quad view of a 4-channel Cinedeck, the upper quadrants (V1 and V2), are both setup in RS-422 master mode, allowing each channel to control another machine via RS-422.  In the lower quadrants (V3 and V4), both channels are set to slave mode for control by external devices. Further, V3 is in standard RS-422 slave mode while V4 is set to respond to VDCP protocol over RS-422.

Master Mode
UI_DeckControl_MasterSingleThis is the single channel view of Cinedeck’s Advanced Deck Control in master mode, to control another device via RS422.

Since Cinedecks can emulate SRW 5500 VTRs, all the transport controls and status indicators one would normally have access to on a tapedeck, appear in the inner window of the Advanced Deck Control user interface.

Slave Mode
UI_DeckControl_Slave_SingleThis view shows the user interface for Cinedeck’s Advanced Deck Control in slave mode. Note at the top right, just to the left of the record button, the tab indicating that 422 mode is on and in slave mode. This mode allows standard controllers as well as  specialized devices such as a Clipster, Spirit Telecine Controller, or Avid Media Composer, to control Cinedeck via RS-422.

Additionally, Cinedecks support the AMP and VDCP protocols so many systems such as vision mixers and asset management applications can take advanced control over a Cinedeck.