Transcode and Rewrap

Transcode and the rewrap your files for a fluid post workflow.

Cinedecks support a broad range of codecs and wrappers which can be leveraged for traditional recording as well as transcoding and rewrapping. There is simple base-band, channel to channel, transcoding and a new file-to-file transcode interface, allows you to select the most efficient way to get your files where they need to be, as fast and efficiently as possible.

Transcode OverviewAt left is the transcode queue showing a list of files waiting to be transcoded or rewrapped.

In the center, we see a group of files under the heading “XDCAM 50 Match Source”. With Cinedeck’s Transcode and Rewrap Application, files that have been recorded on camera as segments can be merged into a single file.

On the bottom, a thumbnail view of the current file being transcoded or rewrapped is shown.

All selections with an arrow are also hot links back to the transcode/rewrap set up page for the clip or group of clips.

Single Clip Setting
Basic Settings TrancodeIn the single clip view, we see the wrapper, codec and quality settings for what the current file (previewed below) should be transcoded/rewrapped to.

You can apply a preset for the transcode or rewrap or select your settings for the transcode manually.

Additionally, you can trim, crop and scale the transcoded or rewrapped file in the basic settings tab.

Multi Clip Setting
UI_Transcode_001A group of clips can be queued to be transcoded/rewrapped then merged into a single file.  As in the basic settings, each clip in the group can be trimmed, cropped and scaled.

Toggle through each of the clips in the group by selecting the left and right arrows in the preview window.

Video Setting
UI_Transcode_02In the Video tab, we see a summary of selections made for the transcode/rewrap of a file. Each right pointing arrow is a drop down menu from where you can make your wrapper, codec and quality settings.
Overlay Setting
UI_Transcode_03In the overlay section, you may choose to burn in timecode, time and date, user-defined text, file name, an image (such as your logo) or a video (such as scrolling watermarking) during the transcode/rewrap process.
Audio Setting & Routing
UI_Transcode_04At left we see on top the audio tab which allows you to select the transcode/rewrap selections for the audio tracks of your file. In Cinedeck’s transcode/rewrap application, up to 32 audio channels and tracks are supported. Additionally, audio support includes the following:

  • Track Types: Mono, Stereo, Interleaved, Mixed
  • Audio Codec: Uncompressed PCM, AAC, AIFF, MP3
  • Bit Depth: 8, 16, 24, 32 and 32 float
  • Sample Rate: 44.1KHz, 48KHz and 96 KHz

The bottom window shows the audio routing setup page. The setup for the transcoding/rewrap audio routing is identical to the audio routing in the main Cinedeck application.