User Interface


Cinedeck’s workflow flexibility starts with software and much of the development is a collaboration between our end-users and the Cinedeck design team. And, with a company philosophy dedicated to innovation, Cinedeck is proud to present ground-breaking features like File-based Insert Editing.

“YOUR WORKFLOW, YOUR WAY” is achieved through user interface options tailored for your specific needs. Use two or more UI applications together to create a custom workflow. For example, combine the Remote Control Application with the Deck Control UI to achieve a custom scheduling server that works with or manages one or more tapedecks, telecine systems, or other hardware controlled via RS422.

Or, blast through your production with an 8-Input UI then use the File to File Transcoding Application to get your proxy material up to 10x realtime.

Click through the UI snapshots below to get a better understanding of what Cinedeck offers in its software applications.

Cinedeck also offers the option to log into a live deck to explore Cinedeck’s User Interface at your own pace.  To schedule a live session with a Cinedeck RX, ZX or MX fill out the Interactive Form.

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  • Master/Proxy
  • Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Deck Control
  • Input Page | Overview
  • File-based Insert Edit
  • Play List | Clip Manager
  • MCC App
  • 8 Input Mode
  • Projects and File Naming

Project Management and File Naming

Unrestricted and extremely flexible project management, folder and file naming.

8 Input Mode

Double the record channels on ZX45 with Cinedeck's 8-Input Mode. Cinedeck  ZX45 typically has four inputs for HD or SD recording. With a quick mode a...

Multi Channel Control App

Control multiple channels from one easy to use interface.  

Play List and Clip Manager

Creating playlists and managing clips is easy, even with files not created on Cinedeck.

File-based Insert Edit

Let go of tape entirely with Cinedeck's File-based Insert Edit - The cineXinsert Engine.

Advanced Deck Control

Discard expensive tape stock and tape decks with Cinedeck's Advanced Deck Control.  

Analysis Tools

On board analysis tools help you 'QC' on the spot, for the highest quality encoding.


Cinedecks provide simultaneous master and proxy recording per channel.

Input Overview and Input Settings

User-friendly design is emphasized on the input overview and settings pages.